Kid Update

*I seem much too busy living these days to have much material for an interesting post. I think that might be a good thing; I’m in a season of stability. So, following is a series of facts about my family. Not much drama or nail-biting action – simply life, and life is good.

The days are flying by. Last week was filled to the brim with meetings and transportation of kids and midweek services and everything else. We’ve settled into the rhythm of the school year, and I must say that this breakfast thing is really making a huge difference. Forgive me for mentioning this AGAIN, but the revolutionary idea of getting up and eating breakfast together every day has proved to be a rather positive shift in our family life. We start the day well, around a table, with a prayer – and it has to stick through the day, as it seems to spiral into a whirlwind of Things To Do with each passing hour.

Sarah is writing songs, going through a creative spurt. Every time I turned around she’s got her guitar in hand. She’s five months into a relationship with a boy who has been a long-time friend; he’s a good guy.

Shannon tried out for the One Act Play; cast is posted tomorrow. She’s stepping out into a new area here. Her class load is heavy but she is doing well.

Syd is making posters and stickers to aid in her campaign for Student Council President. She also selects her wardrobe for the week each Sunday, and is doing her best to dress for success.

Daniel is forming some new friendships, as most of his old buddies from last year are in other classes. I like the new guys he’s hanging with. He tried out for the church Christmas play last week and was cast in one of the lead roles. He gets to be a straight guy to his buddy’s funny man.

David is reading – a LOT – and immersed in his Bionicles. Soccer is fun for him; he scored his first EVER goal on Saturday!

I’m playing Wii tennis in my spare time and trying to avoid the humiliation of being crushed by every kid in my family, every time I play.

So far, so good.



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  1. AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa……Wii Tennis….now we’re talking….and of course I’m just trying to do the same thing you’re doing, “trying to avoid the humiliation of being crushed by every kid in my family, every time I play.” The only difference is mine is REAL tennis and my “Kids” are in their 30’s!!! Have a great week.


  2. That all sounds good – I’m trying to get me up every morning too – and when I do it does have such a positive effect…thanks Beth for the nudge to do that properly.Life is good – it doesn’t get much better than that..have a lovely week, Katie 🙂


  3. Good for you, sticking to the breakfast together plan. Not only does it bind your family together, it is also the best thing to do nutritionally!


  4. Busy, busy times! Glad they are all getting settled back in and that the breakfast time is still feeling so sacred.


  5. You days, weeks, and months must fly by!


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