Well, it’s that time of year again. Fall soccer season kicked off yesterday. Both boys are playing rec league, and Shannon is assistant coach for Daniel’s team. So far, they have great coaches and great teammates, and both boys are working hard and having a good time. The only drawback is that David’s games are all at 8:30 a.m. (no sleeping in EVER for a few months, since we get up so early for breakfast on school days and get up even earlier on Sundays for church/work!) and Daniel’s games are all at 1:00 p.m. It makes Saturday a split shift day for soccer, which may have its advantages from time to time. Thus far, it just seems like a long day.

We had a great time, though; it was a beautiful day and we came home with one win, one tie, and some end of summer red-tinged skin. I’m looking forward to the season.

David seems to ALWAYS be where the ball is; slowly he is appreciating the strategy of playing positions, but he still loves chasing and kicking the ball.

Seriously intent on heading towards the goal…

Here’s Coach Shannon, towering over her brother, figuring out her next move…with the aid of her bubble gum…

Daniel gets airborne. Great move!

Check out those groovy blue shoes…

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  1. Oh, do I remember those days–soccer for our son, and for a brief while our daughter. Can’t say I miss all the practices, all the games, all the Saturdays taken up with soccer.But I do miss having young kids around!


  2. Groovy blue shoes! Don’t feel bad, we didn’t sleep late on the weekends for 12 years. For four of those years, Gina played soccer on traveling team and swam for two teams.I always enjoyed the soccer – we would take the dogs. If they played in pouring rain, it was a real bummer.Thanks for sharing some cool photos! David seems to love soccer. The bubblegum coach – LOL!


  3. lovely to see the photos – we never get a lie in at the weekend either…football starts this week for Richard – though we have had loads of it through school already!So lovely when they play in the sun as opposed to the wind and rain and mud!!


  4. This is also my weekend life. Two travel games this weekend. It adds to our wild and wooly weekend. Our daughter – the soccer player — wants to coach 5 year olds as well. Yes, the days are long.


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