And They’re Off!

So here’s the crew, bright and early. Early. Bright. Eating breakfast together. It was actually really wonderful, and I heard a couple remarks along the lines of, “This is really cool, Mom.” I plan to do my level best to make it a new habit for me personally and for our family.

David, at right, was half-asleep but fully dressed; he manned the toaster while the eggs cooked.

The gang posed together before they started heading out. The bus comes by three times, on three separate runs at half-hour intervals. It makes the morning crawl by, but everybody has time to get ready and have the bathroom to themselves for a few moments.

Thumbs up for the first day of school!

Check out this footwear; I can’t wait to talk to Syd and find out whether or not she really made it through the entire day in these shoes! Dan is flashing his new Adios…

My two high school girls, ready for new academic challenges and social excitement. Sarah goes back to tackle music theory, photography and life with a boyfriend; Shannon has a full load of honors courses and journalism, which includes writing for the school newspaper.

Walking away from Mom…sigh. Where did the time go? And who are these young women in front of me? It seems like just yesterday they were babies…

My handsome little guy, waiting for his bus to come. There’s a look of wisdom and confidence on that face that promises the years are flying by where he is concerned, as well.

So the last one got on the bus…and I walked into the house cheering! “They’re gone! They’re gone!”

Not really.

Well, kind of.

It’s just that the house will stay cleaner, longer. I can think for more than five minutes without being interrupted by some urgent need (“Mooommmmmm, we’re out of milk.” “Mooooommmmm, where’s my blue marker?” “Moooommmmmm, something’s wrong with the toilet.” “Moooommmmmmm, can my four friends stay for dinner?” “Moooommmmmm, the computer quit working!” “Moooommmmmm, bring me a towel.” “Mooooommmmm, my head hurts.” Etc.)

Meanwhile, I’ll cheer them on, pray for them, and fill out paperwork to keep them in good standing. That’s going to take a while (the paperwork).

I love my kids. Today, I am very proud of them.


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  1. Good job, Moommmmm!!Wow–getting 5 off to school, with breakfast, no less. That is amazing. And for the rest of the day, what did you do?


  2. Whew… I am worn out just thinking of all it takes to get everyone out the door! So glad breakfast went so well! BRAVO Mom!


  3. what a heartening post…..that cheering sound? Heard all across the continent. You were not alone 🙂Beautiful children…..may they all enjoy the best school has to offer them this year. ps. found you at Katie’s.


  4. I love this post. For one thing, I don’t know what it’s like making breakfast for 5 kids. Did you eat?You might think your girls are getting mature, but inside their teenage minds they are still little children. I have a 25 year old that would still love to play flashlight tag with all the little kids in the neighborhood. He hasn’t played the game since she was 18 – getting ready to leave for college. She and a neighborhood friend her own age were the directors of the best flashlight tag game in the mid-atlantic.


  5. I got off subject. Enjoy the quiet, Beth.


  6. fantastic photos Beth, adn well done..I do like Syd’s shoes…do tell if she made it without blisters!You do have beautiful children…enjoy the peaceful times, Katie


  7. Ditto…Ditto….Ditto! Just love the pictures of the kids. They are so different…and yet so similiar! The fact that you did all that and then thought of us blog friends and photograhed the whole thing! You get Mom of The Year!


  8. Thanks for the photos. What a beautiful family!


  9. oh, they are beautiful — my daughter was panicked this morning, first day as a freshman. went from big fish in a small pond…oh well, she’ll be fine. i couldn’t help but enter into a little bit of angst with her this morning 🙂


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