It’s finally here. We wait, all year, for our annual family reunion/vacation. We come to Emerald Isle, usually in August.

We’ve vacationed here for years; my mom was from New Bern, North Carolina, and when my dad squired her away to Pennsylvania after a stint in the Marines, he stayed committed to bringing her ‘home’ as frequently as possible. That included almost all of our summer vacations. Not a bad deal, as I think this is by far one of the nicest beaches on the east coast.

Now that my brother and I (and many of my cousins) have families of our own, we have continued what has proven to be a wonderful tradition. This year we’ve rented a house together (usually we stay in my parents’ place here, but it’s gotten too cramped) and so far, so good.

We are on vacation! Woo hoo! My pastor wagged his finger in my face after church Sunday and sternly said, “NO WORKING!” I think I’ll manage…

3 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. OK….I feel like I’m right there on the ol Emerald Isle! What fun. Frolicking with the kids at the beach. It doesn’t get any better than that. So do you have WiFi for blogging there at the house or do you have to get up and go to the cybercafe to blog like I did in Destin? Whichever….keep the pictures coming.


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