Welcome to the place where we’ll document grace, as we see it lived out in our family. We’ll post every day. Or at least every few days.
Weekly, perhaps.

Okay – when we get around to it!

Pictures, stories, ideas, etc. Family life, with our unique spin.

There are six of us in this house: Beth, Sarah, Shannon, Sydni, Daniel and David. All of us do our best to honor God with our lives. We are believers and Christ-followers.

Beth puts food on the table by working with a local church to lead others to see that they are welcome at the table, that God is relevant, and to help them become fully devoted followers, too.

Yeah, we’re surprised, too.

Sarah, a budding photographer, writes and sings and talks and is full of life. She oozes energy wherever she goes.

An interesting look from the one who is usually behind the camera.

Shannon, a thinker and writer, is also a passionate soccer player. She loves team sports and is loyal beyond measure.

Working on a paper mache project for a church service last week.

Sydni has arrived at her teen years with a passion for creativity and politics. When she’s not making scrapbooks, she is putting together appropriate outfits.

Checking email or doing research…

Daniel is a lithe, athletic boy who reads constantly, loves soccer and is the resident Wii Pro in the household.

Last week, Daniel learned to water ski at our staff retreat! It only took a few tries and he was up; he shares his dad’s incredible athletic abilities…

He dared the folks on the boat to knock him off the tube…

David is hysterically funny, clever and devoted to his family.

Celebrating his recent 8th birthday.

This blog is designed for friends and family in real life as well as those we know from the blogging community. We hope to hear from you! The ‘comments’ feature is easy to use; just click on and follow directions! If you aren’t a blogger, just sign your name but use the ‘annonymous’ feature!

~be blessed~

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